GoActive promotes and encourages physical activity and sports participation to women and girls from all backgrounds.

We want to change the world through sport and fitness. 


Why we do what we do

We want to change the world through sport and physical recreation!

Research says that women from culturally diverse backgrounds have lower rates of sport participation than women born in Australia (The Senate Committee Report, 2006) and we want to change that! We want to encourage more girls and women to take up a new sport, or re-engage with a sport they used to play in their childhood. 

We also believe that sports does incredible things to one's self confidence and personal well-being, and has the power to bring diverse communities together. 

  • Sport participation can develop life
    skills at the individual level, including confidence, body awareness, team spirit and leadership skills
  • Sport participation can challenge social and cultural norms and gender stereotypes at the community level and society at large
  • Sport participation can bring
    people together regardless of their
    class, race, gender, nationality, colour or other specifics
  • Sport provides a platform to share
    information and educate girls and
    women and their communities
    about women's rights

Source: Women Win